Feedback week 19/10/2017

Week 7 marks feedback week within Abertay. I had to recap and talk about my project aim and proposal to Kenny Mcalpine (the head of the course.) Through the first half of this course I have mainly been researching how I will go about making this project completly immersive and I believe I have made […]

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Project Aim – 09/10/2017

As honours year commences I have began to summarise my project aim into one sentence which has helped me separate my workload into objectives and tasks- a hierarchy of importance. I have also decided not to use pure data or procedural methods as it was clouding my vision for the main idea/scope of the project. […]

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Today marks the first day at EGX in Birmingham. I am thrilled and honoured to have an exhibitor pass and to have free roam around the gaming structure. Each member of our team has time slots for when we will be managing our stalls and already we have had some excellent feedback in the first […]

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