The new year 30/01/2018

Global game jam 2018 It’s 2018 and my last year at Abertay University. When I first came here in 2016 I didn’t expect to accomplish as much as I have and to be where I am now. Coming from a music and recording background I would have never have thought of working within video games. […]

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Mixing the assets 10/12/17

When deciding what audio would match up with the scene, myself and Justin both agreed to have a similarĀ  soundscape to “Deus:Ex” and “Blade Runner.” The audio within “Blade Runner” is quite bleak and miserable whereas “Deus:Ex” has a more colourful and Sci-fi feel to it. Meeting in the middle is what we want in […]

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Additional Research 08/12/17

dearVR As the first term comes to a close I have spent most of my time finishing off my other module “Dynamic audio for digital media.” I have kept my research on the go however, I have failed to post these findings. This post will be a recap of what I have been up to […]

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