Additional Research 08/12/17


As the first term comes to a close I have spent most of my time finishing off my other module “Dynamic audio for digital media.” I have kept my research on the go however, I have failed to post these findings. This post will be a recap of what I have been up to in the past week.

Due to struggling with Steam Audio in it’s beta stage I have broadened my range of audio tools. I’ll admit I became to focused on that one plug-in and clouded my vision when I should be looking at all possible tools available to me. One particular tool called “dearVR” caught my attention.

This 3D audio reality engine is similar to what I experienced down at VRTGO with mixed reality. As they show off different room sizes and instruments you can hear the sound bouncing off the walls and the transfer function working when the orb goes behind the users head.

Although this is for Unity, I have started to accept that this final project may transfer to a different engine. This is also because Steam Audio has full support and has already been released for Unity. However, I would also love to try this engine out within Unity.

The plug-in can be used in real time within virtual reality which seems incredible. This means I can step into our project and mix the sounds accurately in real time. I think during the Christmas break we will create a scene within Unity to try out this fantastic piece of software. Having a DAW working with a VR scene or even just using the audio within Unity might just be what we are looking for. Here is the founders talking about the project.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

As I have mentioned within my contextual review, Hellblade captures 3D audio in a way to assist the player. To give a feeling of psychosis, Senua (the main character) hears voices that resemble emotions such as fear, anger and sadness. One way the audio designers achieved this was to use omnidirectional and BinauralĀ  microphones and record multiple people whispering as they walked around. In addition to this, when an enemy is behind her, you can hear a whisper say ” BEHIND YOU” at the rear of her. There have been reports of game testers actually taking their headphones off and looking around their room due to this effect. This is what I aim to capture within the project- I want users to turn their heads and react accordingly within the VR environment. Here is the link to how they recreated these voices.



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